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cutting off with a bonded wheel on an angle grinder

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Read carefully the instructions in the machine handbook and the safety leaflet supplied with the wheel.

Use the correct size and type of guard recommended for cutting-off

  • Check the marking:
  • Declaration of conformity to the Standard EN 12413,
  • Not for grinding, only suitable for cutting-off
  • The speed in RPM marked on the wheel is equal or greater than the speed marked on the machine,
  • Expiry date, often stamped on the metal centre


Follow any instruction on material suitability given by the manufacturer.

Do not use a damaged wheel.


To be safe, make sure the machine is isolated.


Fit the guard for cutting-off and check that it is correctly adjusted to protect you from debris, especially in case of breakage. Never use a machine without a guard.

Fit the handle

Locate the back flange on the keyway, then the wheel on the back flange, without force or excessive play.

Then fit the front flange and make sure it clamps the wheel.

Press the spindle locking button.

Tighten with the pin spanner without excessive force.


Wear your personal protective equipment:

  • Suitable clothing
  • Mask,
  • Eye Protection,
  • Ear protection,
  • Protective gloves

Make sure that the work piece cannot move, and working area is clean and tidy, and no other person is at risk.

Reconnect the machine, start it and let it run freely at least 30 seconds to ensure that the wheel does not break or run with excessive vibration.

Work in a stable position. Always hold an angle grinder with both hands.

Cut straight, swinging back-and-forth. Never twist in the cut or force the cut which could damage the wheel.

After turning off the machine, wait until the wheel has stopped running before putting down the machine and unplug it.

Never force the wheel to stop.

Remove the wheel if it is not to be used again.

Never grind with side of the wheel, because it is not designed to do this. It could be damaged or burst.

Follow all the safety recommendations to avoid serious injury.

In case of injury, call the emergency services.

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