Cutting off is one of the most popular application, often known also as cutting, sawing, sitting, slitting, grapping, parting …Before you select the correct wheel, you need to know the machine it will be used on.

Hand held machine

Machine is held in the hand guided by hand; the material being cut must be stable (held firmly). There are angle grinders or petrols saws. These are most popular commodity DIY abrasives products.

Angle grinder

Petrol saw

Stationary machines - Machine is fixed in place

Safety information for these machines and saws are under development.

Chop saws


Table saws


Mobile machine

Machine is guided but not supported by hand, and is moving while it is cutting. There are floor saws or swingframe cutting-off machines.These are professional equipment.

Safety information for these machines and saws are under development.

Suspended swing frame machine


Floor saws

For your information, safety aspects in transportation, storage, use and disposal of chop and table saws are presented in FEPA’s safety codes available for sellers and users of abrasives machines.


FEPA Safety Code for for bonded abrasives and precision superabrasives. Click here to download an order form.


FEPA Safety Code for superabrasive products for stone and construction. Click here to download an order form.

This website is intended to give information on safe use of abrasives in compliance with European standards, and not to give advice on product selection. You should read the information given on the product or its packaging to determine suitability. For any specific question, contact the retailor who supplied you the product.