A petrol saw is the most common hand-held machine used for cutting-off using wheels and saws from 300 to 400mm diameter. Cutting-off, also known also as cutting, sawing, slitting, gapping and parting, is conducted either with flat reinforced resinoid wheels or diamond saws Refer to the safety recommendations applying to the type of wheel or saw you are using on your machine.

Flat reinforced resinoid cutting-off wheel

Usually available in 2 basic types:

  • For ferrous metals, such as iron and steel. Wheels often marked “for metal”
  • For non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, brass, copper, tungsten carbide, non-metals or non-metallic materials, such as stone, concrete, brick, glass, Often marked “for stone”


Limited shelf life

Diamond Saw

  • Not normally for cutting metallic materials. A wheel specifically designed for metallic materials must be used in this case.

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